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Commercial Center Business Association


The Commercial Center business association welcomes and encourages you to support us by becoming a member today! We manage Commercial Center parking lot, public image and certain support services. We are a non-profit organization that has developed out of a community need, to unite all businesses within the Commercial Center and surrounding business areas. Our purpose is to unify the thriving business district we have and to beautify and maintain our shopping center. We offer business support services & publications to our members. We are here to act as one voice in contact with various Clark County Agencies and maintain good business relations with these departments to have the needs of our members met. Since our creation in August 2006 we have developed good relationships with: The Clark County Commissioners, Clark County Public Works, Republic Services, Clark County Liaisons, LVMPD, and we have to our credit the beautification plan of 953 Clark County Public Parking Lot and Surrounding areas. We are involved with community service projects to maintain our business district @ Commercial Center. Our main Goal is to beautify and promote our Commercial Center for the benefit of our members and the community.


Any one can become a member. You will receive many benefits, help developing you business image, referrals, website banner exchange and web promotions, options to serve as a board member/volunteer. All money collected from contributions goes to pay for our shopping center porter and security services, maintenance, press releases, PR and marketing, advertisements, yellow pages, web exposure, event participation and networking fees and dues with other organizations.

One representative of your company will be the designated member. That person is entitled to all rights, voting privileges and benefits of membership in the Commercial Center Business Association. Additional staff members may attend events and enjoy membership privileges by becoming Associate Members.

Investment: Except for certain categories that have their own dues schedule, membership is based on a company’s number of full time, permanent employees.

You may pay for the year upfront or be billed quarterly.

1-10 employees:
One year $600
Two years $1140 (save 5%)*
Three years $1620 (save 10%)*

11+ employees:
One year $600 + $14 per additional employee
Two years 5% discount*
Three years 10% discount*

You may make any amount one time yearly contribution to receive a certificate of participation and limited benefits. For new business that need help getting going we offer a sliding scale of $25 per month about $6.50 per week.

We have collected over $50,000 from members since 2006 Paula Sadler-President made matching contributions, and donated over $100,000 in labor $30,000 annually) as the director.

We have made so many improvements over the years

• Graffiti removal and trash clean up
• Weeding and tree trimming
• Pot hole parking lot repairs
• Street light bulb replacement
• New stop sings and safety signs
• Shopping center website and press release
• Working with government agencies
• Open houses, events, socials, fundraisers
• Extensive group advertising and media relations
• Ongoing cleaning and security
• Abandoned vehicle removal
• Homeless camp breakdown and removal
• Neighborhood business watch
• Improved public image to locals for three years
• Featured in magazines and television
• Great online presence as off the strip shopping center
• These are just a few of the major efforts we have succeeded in.

Message from the President:

As you can see so much has been done. Your help is needed to continue
  953 E Sahara Ave E-11A
Inside the New & Improved Historic Commercial Center Distirct
Tel: 702-791-CENTER (2368)
Fax: 702-792-7519